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Stoker motor

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On Tuner Cycles website it says $2500 to build a stoker motor for the 450. Is that them doin the work or is it just a kit you can buy and what all do they do for the stoker motor?
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That would have to be them doing labor and everything. All a stroker motor consist of really is a stroker crank plus a BBK to get the most cc's out of it with a cam.
i think the bbk kit from highlifter is about 400-500 wiht cam
stroker crank from fst is like 500
so theres about 1000 then you need to get it bored out to take the bbk then assemble so it probly would some to be about half the cost of letting the turners do it personally i would go for it and build it myself if i wanted to and while its apart do some porting and polishing on the head
FST has had mine on order since the 1st of May. I called them today and they said that it just came in and would be shiped out tomarow. Not nocking FST just letting you know it might take a while, I am not realy in a hurry though. I'm going to bore out the cylender butt not to much. Probably be around 510cc's. Should be interesting.
I'm prolly just gonna order the crank from them and get the bbk from hl.
Thanks for the imput.
Got the crank today, perfect timing as I just got the engine split and the gaskets all scraped last night. I'll take the cases over to where Don works tonight and he'll put them in the patrs cleaner tomarow.
Don also ordered all the other parts we will need for the engine today.
How much did fst charge to get your crank done?
Right at $500.00 with tax and shipping. I had to get another crank anyway so I just decided to go with a stroker.
It also sounds realy cool when you tell someone what's in the engine, let alone the rest of the bike.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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