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Will Stock rims fit on these?

Any body else have Bear Claws 27X10X12 Front and 27X12X12 on the rear, with problems rubbing on foreman 500?

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There's a picture of CardRon's Rubi with 26x9x12 and 26x12x12 Bear claws down a couple of posts titled 'Rubicon maximum tire size question' you may want to check that out. Looks like he had no trouble mounting them on his rims so I think the 27's would mount fine, but most guys are saying they have to refit the front fender mounting brackets to clear 27's without a lift.

My Dad had Bear Claws on a little 300 4x4 Honda and they worked really well. The 27's should make a good all round tire.
Hey J, Heres a pic of my Rubi with the 26 Bear Claws, I did alot of research and most people said the 27's rub very slightly when the bike is stock. I am the type that doesnt want any rubbing at all, even a little is too much for me and I dont want a lift so I was ready to put 25's back on. Anyway I finally bought the 26's and they fit perfectly. For my liking I really wanted to stay under 10" on the fronts to keep steering as easy as possible, and by pure luck the tires line up perfectly, measuring outside to outside they are identical the 26x9x12 front and 26x12x12 rear keep the width of the tires the same. My concern was the fronts sticking out more than the rears and it looking funny. I love the way it looks. as far as fitting the rims, you'll have no problem either way, the 12's fit the stock rims fine. Whatever you decide good luck, I think you'll like the tire, its very early for me but so far I love them, now if we got some snow.....

I've noticed that most of you guys have mounted stock rims on larger tires, did you do it your self or did you just go some where and had it done.

Also what is the best method to paint the OEM rims. Method / type of paint.


I have the 27 bearclaws on stock rims with a 1.5" lift. I removed the lift because i broke 2 axles. Now only if the front racks are fully loaded meaning (200lb) on the racks the wheels rub but hopefully the HL springs will fix that otherwise i haven't had a problem. I found the bearclaws as a amazing all around tire.They are mounted on a 00 450es.
I tried to remove the stock tires from the rims but it was too hard and I was afraid of damaging the rims. I wound up taking them to my dealer and he installed them for $20 each. Some online sellers will mount for free if you send them the rims but the shipping will cost you a fortune. I called a few other local dealers that are closer to me and they made this lame excuse about their insurance will only cover tires they sell crap, so check with them before you get stuck but plan on getting them done somewhere. As far as painting, you need to get the right paint for aluminum, I would go to a auto paint supply or an auto body shop and find out otherwise the paint will peel off as fast as you paint them. Thats assuming you have the aluminum rims of course.

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