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Good Call

Good choice on the ruby. The reviews are not great but it will be bulletproof. As for the stock tires I took mine off right away. I put on 26 inch mudbugs and love them so far. I wish I had got the 27 inch ones. Also I put the stockers on my lady's 2003 foreman es, which I just took the sun rotted, cactus embeded factory tires off of. Last summer I road the 2003 foreman es in early spring and I must say it hauled ass. Bald pump up daily dunlops really held there own. So if you have cash to blow buy some new one's right away so mabe you can sell the stock ones. Our shop sells them for 50 bux apiece. But if you are broke from buying the new wheels, they weill work for now.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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