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stock tires???

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what are the weights of the stock tires on the 2006 honda foreman 500s, and what are the mudlight 26'.......thats IF anyone knows.......and i know the bigger the tire the more the performance lost, but if i were to put 26' mudlights on would i be able to tell the difference in speed and scceleration and that stuff.........thanx guys
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i have 26'' mudlites on my 450 s and you cant really tell a difference..if that helps
I weighed my stock tires on my 05 Foreman 500 before I changed them out and they weighed about 25lbs each. When I had my 26'' Mudlites mounted I weighed them before I put them on and they weighed about 35lbs each. So I picked up about 40 more pounds total with the 26'' Mudlites. I can fill some power loss with the 26's, It is harder to pull the frontend up and takes a second longer to get the RPM's up on it now. Overall I like the Mudlites, but I can tell a Big difference with them on.
The mudlights are pretty much the lightest allterrian/mudtire you can buy. If your really worried about the weight get a set of them with some aluminum rims, that should cut your weight down to stock.
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