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Stock Tire Pressure

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Just wondering what the ideal tire pressure on the stock tires should be? the owners manual reccomends 3.6 psi, but that seems to be pretty low. Any ideas on the best psi?
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I always used about 4.5 psi in all 4 tires. You don't want to put too much because stock tires are pretty darn thin. They will puncture very easily with a lot of air pressure in them.
i guess i shouldnt tell you guys i use to run about 10 in stock tires and run 15 in my mud bugs
I run 12psi in my mud tires. For a litttle extra hieghth. My stockers have 4 psi in them. The stockers run such low pressure because they work as part of the suspension system. Folks that complain that their foreman rides like a tank are the same folks running 20+ psi in aftermarket tires.
15 front and 20 back. Tried 30 once. To stiff
so is there a happy medium somewhere along the line? like around 8-10?
I run 4.5 in my mud lites and I like the way it rides, of course the perfex system helps the most.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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