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i was out on a run the other night when one of the guys riding a 500s 2005 took off his seat . i noticed on his snorkle there was some kind of enlarged side bulge on the shaft of the snorke, he didnt know what it was. i guessed it is some kind of water diversion. does anyone know for sure what it is? or does?
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I am not 100% positive but when i took mine off to snorkel it thats what i took it to be also since it had that rubber cuppler attatched to it so that it could be taken off and on
It is a resonator, I believe it is to make the intake quieter.
Mike, is there anything you don't know about these atv's? Seems you dang
near always have the answer to every question asked. You are THE man, well,...
next to me of course
There is plenty I do not know, trust me...
Name one thing... I don't believe you.
I read somewhere that it is supposed to control the way that the air enters the airbox. It is supposed to give you the optimum airflow for it to run the smoothest. Something like that anyways, I never noticed any difference taking it off.
thank you for the replies, it must be a new and improved idea they have come up with, it sure made for some interesting confersation on the trail
tring to figure out what it was.
pop the hood of any modern car, espically a honda and you will see the same idea. Like trugrit said, jus there to quiet it down some.
it is a resonator, I make them, i work at TGKY which is a toyota company it is what supposedly makes the import cars run quieter, personally i think they are just a pain in the .
They have stock snorkles????????????
Yup...Ever seen a Honda Civic or a CRX drowned out when going thru the mud? Ha Ha Ha .. They just keep on goin'
Sorry I ment the foremans.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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