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Stock Rims and New Tires

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I am soon going to need a set of tires for my '05 Rubicon. I know this is the Foreman site but they are as close to the Rubicon as you will get. What size tires would most recommend and list any problems if any that I should be aware of? I have been looking at a few different tires so far, Mudlites, Mudlites XTR's, 589's, but I think I have decided on Bear Claws. I am not what most would call a hard core mudder, I like riding mud but what I do ride would more than likely be considered just a puddle compared to some of what I have seen on this site. I want a decent tire that will get me to the cabin, ride most trails and I do not want to add a lift kit or rims and I want a comfortable ride. Stock tires of course are 25 x 8 x 12 fronts and 25 x 10 x 12 rears. I have considered 26 x 9 x 12 front and 26 x 12 x 12 rear. I would have stuck to a 10 wide in the rear but the Bear Claw is not offered in that. Will a 12 inch wide work/look ok on my stock 10 inch rim? Any thoughts would be great. Pictures would be even better. It's a lot of money to spend to find out you don't like them.

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I think the bear claws will work great for you, I was looking at them but I went with the bi tri claws which are 12 wide in the rear and I am putting them on stock rims

If you could, I would like to know how they work out on your stock rims when you get them installed.

my 27/10/12 and 27/12/12 are on stock wheels work fine
Thanks Muddin500, looks good.
Have you looked at the MST? That is a great tire!
It will do everything you want it to.
It rides great, will claw through more mud than you would think, they will out do mudlites in boggy creeks, (i put my brothers bike to shame every ride) and so far the wear on mine is only from doin donuts in the road in 4th gear... hehe. and are fairly priced..
i have 26x9-12 and 26x12-12 on factory rubicon rims on my Foreman 500 and i love them.
ok.....the size tires that i have on my stock rims on my foreman 500 are 26x10-12 on the back and 25x8-12 on the front.....If i want to get bigger tires without getting new rims, what are the biggest tires i can fit on my rims. I'm just an idiot when it comes to that stuff.
You should be fine with 27 inch tires. Anything bigger, you will probably rub
your fenders.
will 26x10-12 fit on the front and 27x12-12 on the back?
If i were you, i would stay with the same size in diameter on all four tires.
You should be fine with 27's all the way around.
so there shouldn't be any problems with the width sizes?
You shouldn't have any problems. My wife & i both run 10's in the front &
12's in the rear. No rubbin' what so ever.
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