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stock rims and aftermarket tires

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I currently have my bi/tris on my dnas, but i need some wheels to put my outlaws on and im thinking of mounting my claws on my stock rims and my outlaws on my dna's, is this a good idea?? Will this make my front tire a lot taller than my rear?? I just want some pros and cons of what i should do, i use my claws to trail ride w/ some mud and my laws to mud. Will they rub anything on stock rims? Let me know what i should do, i cant afford a new set of rims right now, unless someone has some cheap wheels they wanna sell cheap, i can paypal the money quickly if you have anything, thanks so much.
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when I had claws, I had them on stock wheels, works perfect
Why wouldn't they work on the stock wheels? Is it the weight of the wheels
that have you worried?
Maybe cause of the different offset offered by the aftermarket wheels. They stick the tires out to create less chances of rub. But that is why I like the factory wheels, to keep the tires under the fenders.
Less dirt / mud in your face while driving...There is a plus
im just scared in the front they may rub, so your saying i shouldnt rub
The claws on stock rims will not rub on the front with no lift, maybe if the front is sagging but I put more weight than you should on the front and I see or hear no rubbing
never mind i just bought a used set of type 4's for only 100 bucks, with caps and lugs.
r u selling the stock rims then?
New Tires on Stock Rims

I'm looking to purchase some new tires but prefer to stay stock on my rims. Anyone heard of Mudgears? And can anyone offer some advice on a good after market tire.
The mud gears are actually under disscussion right now on the tire and wheel forum ........ they look pretty good
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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