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stock front bumper?

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anyone know if the stock black front bumper on the 2007 500's will fit on a 2006 with a silver one. tried phoning the dealership on it, they didnt know for sure if it would cause it might bolt up a little different
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crash if u want a pair of those lights i got a pair for sale..
I got like three boxes of them in my garage so I think I'm set for the summer!
QUOTE ("jgb_500_06":3mlgi8gp)
Warn has saved mine! I paid like 130$ for it.....the factory one is just painted black!

I like the bumper, I don't like the way it looks with the stock one and the other one on there.
I like it! I kinda wish you could take the factory one off too....but see its all one piece for the end up the skid plate to where it bolts to the front rack! You could do some cuttin and poosibly weldin and make it happen but I aint really that worried bout it myself!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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