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stock front bumper?

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anyone know if the stock black front bumper on the 2007 500's will fit on a 2006 with a silver one. tried phoning the dealership on it, they didnt know for sure if it would cause it might bolt up a little different
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nothing a can of Duplicolor Bedliner cant fix,
wat 350 said
or rhino lined for 50 bucks.. looks good tuff. wont come off. wat scatch.. we had to get a little of to get a bolt in.. and had to heat a sharp knife up and cut it off with t heated
i would to paint it, exept its a bit deformed should've said this before. i hit a tree this winter, not hard or anything but it squished the thin pop can metal its made of. i thought the black bumper would match the yellow a bit better.
ya rhino line is not paint.. and how bad are the dents.. if u have a welder mig welder fill the dents in.. thats wat we did.. trust me my looked like ****. after welded the dents and rhino lined looks like a newone
like they said line it with bedliner. its a foreman not a lexus it needs a little dents and dings, it adds character, and if your not denting it up your not riding it hard enough.
just rhino line it.. if dont want ur foreman to get dings dents.. scatchs. buy a **** popo
yea rino line is truck bed coating ist it? i never thought or knew you could weld in the dents, learn something new everyday. i was thinking of takeing my old one off and fabing a new one out of some stronger round tubbing. if i do that rhino line would be the way to go
whoa easy there, i smash the popo's, they dont smash me lol
ya sorry bout i hate how ppl baby hondas.. ya u can weld in dents if u have a mig welder... dont stick weld it.. but after u do that either rhino line it or spray it with a primer before u do anything else...
no prob man, i dont baby it tho, i just liked the black bumper. maybe i give welding it a shot first tho, thanks
ya rhino line comes in any color. or u might b able to powercoat it. but if u weld it make sure u primer it back so it dont rust
Warn has saved mine! I paid like 130$ for it.....the factory one is just painted black!

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if you dont want to rhino it, just get moose hand guards like rubyand foreman, if you bumper scratches, at least your hands won't get hit with twigs
jgb_500_06 that front bumper looks good with those two lights on it
where did you get that bumper from? warn?

have you had any trouble with those lights going underwater???
ya crash its a warn.
well it seems to me that you can just remove the stock bumper and put on a warn bumper.

i just looked at that pic i thought that it would be possible.
ya i would get a warn. but i just rhino lined mine.. but u never know i might find a warn for sale cheap..but i need other things right now
I got the brushguard from a local warn dealer whereI used to work! The lights I got from walmart( I think they are like proburners or sumthin) anyway they have been underwater multiple times and for long periods of time and they never gave me a problem until I had to push my buddies grizzly out and then busted both of them, but hey they aint but 19$
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