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Stock Foreman!!

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Other than my warn winch, my 05 Foreman (2 wheel drive ) is bone stock! I guess the first step for me is getting ride of the OEM tires. Can anyone suggest a low cost tire that would help get me through the mud?

Any suggestions would be great!!!!
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mud bugs
I think that blue is a pretty color. Mudlites, Mudbugs, 589's
are all pretty good.
Yeah the Mudbugs are reasonable and make all the difference in the world. 27s will fit realy nice on there, and give you a little more clearance as well.
man gotta love that blue..
I like Mudzilla's as a mud tire but ITP 589's are good too.

Thanks for all the imput! I will have to see what I can come up with. I will keep everyone posted. THANKS AGAIN!
Another Question

I found a set of new 27' Mud Bugs for about 320 including shipping. Is this about what they are going for? This includes 27-10-12 front tires and 27-12-12 rear tires. Any chance they will fit on my 8-12 and 10-12 rimes I already have or will I have to upgrade thoughs as well? Not sure I want to spend that kind of money if that is the case. Any ideas?

Got time for one more stuped question? What if I just upgrade my rear tires considering it is only 2 wheel drive anyways?
your gonna have to upgrade the 8 inch wheel
my front wheels are 8inches wide, no problems. I dont see any reason to upgrade the stock wheels. Unless there is something different between 2wd and 4wd wheels. Im running the stock wheels on mine.
Re: Another Question

QUOTE ("Dan":uxqa3jg5)
What if I just upgrade my rear tires considering it is only 2 wheel drive anyways?
You can do that. The only draw back is it looks a bit goofy w/ stock 25s in the front and the 27s out back. But you can do it w/o any ill effects other than looks.
thanks everyone!

All right, Thanks for all the help!!
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