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Still sputtering out in water!

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Ok guys I vent the two carb lines on top up into my pod! Well yeaterday I was riding in some swamp and it goes dead with just the exaust under water! Like I'm sittin there a wide open throttle and it sputters and then dies! It did it three times yeasterday! wHAT could be causing it to do this??? I didnt have the drain line plugged do you think it could be it??? There wasnt any water in the air box or anything!
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Plug the drain and try it. Most likely its because the drain wasn't plugged.
drain wasnt plugged and you got water in your carb. That is why it was sputtering until you got the water out
yeah, what he said
dont forget ur dielectric grease in ur spark plug,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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