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Still running rough

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I clean the carb but it is still back fireing but runs a little better with the chock on . What Is next I'm baffled. Its A 1996 400

Any Ideas Greatly apreciated!!!!!!!!!
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Maybe your mixture is a bit lean. Does it run bad all the time, or just idling? When my muffler finally went it started to backfire as well. Also did you change your needle settings?
running rough

Not sure about carbs need some info on how to take 1 back to stock and how to set needle.

Thanks for the help !!!!!!!!
I just pulled the plug and its black as coal.
Found anothewr problem oil is milky
Im going to change oil and ajust valves why i have it apart and find away to snorkle it . have any Ideas!!!!! lol
I think that there are some ideas on how to snorkel in the how to section.
How to ajust carb

Need to take it bak to stock or at least check it .
I think it is lean the plug was black
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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