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sticky third gear?

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notice on the bike after letting it warm up bout 5 or 10 mins start taking off going from 2nd to 3rd is hard pretty much have to reach down and pull with my hand after i get it in the rest of the day no problem just starting the day ,maybe need to ajust clutch?
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I think all hondas do this i know mine does. There has been a few post about it....what i think they all came up with is the oil has to warm up before it works the way its suppose to. Don't worry its not your clutch
Mine does it too. The clutch plates stick together after sitting for a while.What I do is "pop" the clutch to release it.While moving slowly in first gear, Hold the engine at a fast idle and with your foot hold the shifter up so it's not moving then release the shifter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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