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Sticky clutch?(long)sorry

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I noticed something on my new '06 Foreman 500 S and my '03 Rancher S would do the same thing.After letting the bike warm up,I shift to first and start moving,then when I need to shift to second,it won't.I pull the shifter up and it's real stiff,like the clutch isn't disengaging.I have to blip the throttle and keep trying to shift.Once it goes to 2nd,then all is o.k. after that.I tried adjusting the clutch on my '03 and it didn't help.It doesn't bother me that much,I just figured Honda would've corrected that by now.Oh,something else to add,it's always wose if the bike sits for a few days.Just wondering if anybody else has this.
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I kind of have the same problem with my 05 Foreman 500S. My problem is when I am shifing from 2nd to 3rd it does not want to shift the first few times I go through the gear pattern. I have to reach down and shift it with my hand. After riding for about 5 to 10 minutes it is fine for the rest of the day. It has been doing it ever since I first got it in February of 2005. I took it to the Honda dealer yesterday to get the clutch recall done on it and told them about the shifting problem and they said they would look into it. Should have it back by the end of this coming week and I will let everyone know how it turned out and if they found anything.
What's the clutch recall about?
This is the recall .. US serial numbers are different from Canadian numbers ..

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