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stick stoppers

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wheres the best place to pick up a set of stick stoppers for my 07 foreman,does the honda dealer have them???whats average price?
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QUOTE ("mudder fudder":we9ap3hd)

This is the only place I know of for that new of a bike.
I will second that
Are these AKA boot guards? If so, our dealership (Sunrise Honda in Searcy, AR) installed them for us, and I am thinking they were only $50 or so. I Have pictures in my gallery if you want to have a look and see if you like them. The only thing I don't like is I wish they came up a little higher in the front.
They should sell them at the local Honda dealer.Thay sell them at the one in Lafayette.Otherwise,you'd have to look around
oxlite has them to i think thats wat i have and realy love them.
Oxlite's are really great. I had them on my 400, and I liked them much more than the ones I have now.
I have the OxLites and I like them alot. I just wish they made more than CV Gaurds.
Stick stoppers

I bought some for about 50
I just bought some for my 06 Foreman from Highlifter. They were the diamond plate. They look great
QUOTE ("BUCKSHOTjr":3oqqbh2l)
QUOTE ("mudder fudder":3oqqbh2l)

This is the only place I know of for that new of a bike.
I will second that[/quote]

I will third this motion!

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I'll 4th that. These are from H.L.
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