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Stick guards and skid plates?

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I hate the plastic! What are the best guards and plates? I looked at the aluminum products stuff, but not sure if those are the best. Any tried and true favorites out there?
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got the aluminum products skids, stick guards and winch combo. very pleased with all of the above. the only problem is that the stick guards catch and hold a lot of rocks and the access hole for the oil drain plug is small so i always get oil on the skid plate which drips off later. suggest if you buy to open that hole up a little.

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same here the stick guards save you from spending $$ on busted boots,but they hold 10lbs of mud and debris every time you go boggin.
Thanks for the info and pics, that helps! Can you drill some holes in the stick guards to let some of that out?

i have a set of stick stoppers from the dealer, they are painted black with the brand name on the front. they are thick and heavy duty, the only problem that i see is when you are riding, water pools up b/c the little holes get clogged, so the paint is chipping off and there is a little rust on the bottom.... as long as they protect my axles i don't care what they look like....
I love my Oxlite Stick Guards! They come with holes pre-drilled in the bottom to allow rocks and things to fall out. You do still get occasional things caught in there but it is really easy to spray them out with the holes in the bottom though. I'll post some pics when I get home tonight.
stick stoppers and skid plates

I have the HL diamond plate CV boot protectorsand skid plate package. They copletely protect your parts and the also look bad %#@
Oxlite, and aluminum products are both good brands, i think if you got eather brand that you would be happy with them. a person i ride with used to have the moose cv guards and the metal was so flexable that it got pushed back and destroyed his cv boots, so i would stay away from them. Also if you are a mudder, try to get smooth skids because they will slide over ruts alot better then tread plate.
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