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Steering Shot

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I need info on the steering arm. I'm replacing all bearings & seals on the steering shaft but can't seem to remove the steering arm at the bottom. If anyone has any advice or experence at this please give me a shout.
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once the cotter pin's are removed, it should just unbolt. nothing special about them other than being metric.
I have everything disassembled and tie rods off to the side. The problem i'm having is the arm at the bottom, that the tie rods connect to won't pull off the splines at the bottom of the steering shaft. It seems that I could use a puller but theres no room. Penetraing lube & hammer doesn't seem to work either.
I grabbed the handlebars and bounced the steering stem up and down until it popped off.
i've worked on it a few hours today and got to the problem. my bearing completly came apart. the balls must have fell out on the trail. i had to beat both the old rusty races off after i heated them with the torch. everything went back together smoothly, not as planed. but i will take it anyway i can get it. if you own a foreman you can relate with that
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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