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Steering Shaft bearing removal

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I'm looking for suggestions on how to remove the steering shaft Bearing!! The problem with this one is that bearing was badly worn and when in took it out the inner race seperated from outer race and now the only part that is still in the holder is the outer race. The bearing is bottomed out to the plate and there is no lip to hit it with a punch. It's also a ******* because there's not room to work there. I don't really want to heat it or use the welding trick but if i have to i will.
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did you remove the snap ring that holds the bearing in ?
cut the outer race with a dremel
Yes i did remove the snap ring. Keep em coming lol.
i cant remember if you drive it out from the bottom? i would stand it up on the rear rack . you may get it out like that with a sharp chisel .
That's how I do it. Stand the machine up on it's rear rack and use a long chisel (cut off crowbar) to knock the race out. Some really bad ones I have had to weld the race and others the torch had to come out to cut the race out.
Thanks for the tips Guys. Tried a few of the tips mentioned but the fact of the matter is there is really no room to do anything in that space. I stood the machine on the racks and made myself a long punch. Still took a few hits to get it off but its done now. For future reference I would recommend doing it this way.
I cant even get my steering shaft to separate from the bearing housing. Any tips on this?I have the nut off the bottom. It's almost like it's seized up in the party the tie rods connect to
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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