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steering problem

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I have an 06 foreman and have just put 27inch mudlights on it. When I drive along the handle bars pull back and forth like crazy. It ran fine with stock tires it started only doing it at fast speeds but now its too bad to drive period. Thanks for your help.
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if it is a wabble you could account it to the tires. my dad has mudlites and his wabbles when on hard surfaces.
I hope its not just the tires I gave my stock ones away. It started as soon as I put the mudlights on but has gotten worse so bad I cant even drive it thanks for your advice.
Just wondering if you put more air pressure in tires would it improve?
well I think I figured out my problem. I took off one of my front tires and could hardly pick it up. The tire is full of ice. thanks guys for your help.
I had ice built up in my car rim today, shook like **** going down the highway. You need a tire pressure gauge too "drankmyfaceoff" (nice name!). We gotta get out soon, show ya how a real foreman works. LOL!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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