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Steering loose?

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For a full time 4x4 I have always found the steering on my bike to be very easy, especially with the GM limited slip additive in the front end. Since I installed the Perfex lift and HL springs I have found that the front end is very loose like its almost floating at higher speeds. It just doesn"t seem to hook up in corners as well as it did before the lift.
Does the lift change the front end geometry enough to affect steering?Would adjusting the Toe in or out help and what should I adjust it to ?
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the lift will change it some because you are changing the center of gravity. but why are you running the additive in a stock front diff? It is only needed for the Detroit Gearless Locker.

Its very easy to adjust the toe, I have mine straight with no toe.
Read in a forum about a year ago that the additive in a stock front dif will greatly reduce steering effort so the first time I changed the dif oil I tried it. Like I said, the steering is exceptionally easy but in all honesty it was always easy so I cant say for certain that the additive made any real difference as everybody in the forum had said.

When it warms up I'll play with the toe to try and straighten it out. I guess that you get used to the handling very quickly when you ride but when i first get on after a few days break or when someone else rides the bike the first impression is that the front end is loose at speed.

New as a member but i've been reading the posts for a while. Sure that the answer to just about any problem will be found here somewhere. Thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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