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Steel snorkel

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I have a snorkel made out of pvc, but I have an appointment lined up with my muffler shop to see if they can make it out of pipe. My snorkel isnt like everyone elses mine comes out right behind the gas lid. Most people say im dumb for having this it does hurt a bit and thats why i want to change it to the pipe. I figured that i could put radiator hose in the middle to make it bend when i hit it. Also i think i might run my vent lines in to the pipe with the connectors with the threads on the end of them. Tell me what yall think please.
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No need to go to steel to add the rad hose. You can even use a rubber MJ plumbing coupling to make a flexable joint. Steel will hurt as much or even more when you hit it. It's heavier and it's prone to rust. IMO plastic is the best option for an intake snorkle. As for the vent lines, it should work for all but the carb vents. They should not run to the snorkle because of possible problems with the vaccum created in the snorkle.
At the mud nat's there were tons of people with there snorkles behind the gas tank. It worked for them, just dont look like an ideal place for the "boys" if you know what I mean!!!
ya they look cool. but a little to close like bigdaddy said.. i rather have one on the front rack...
i dont like it rite their either it is too close, but my bikes a month old now and i m not going to start cutting holes in the fenders just yet. I think i might go see if i can get that snorkel built out of pipe today. IM going to use muffler pipe the side walls arent very thick on it. The reason for the radiator hose is for when i hit it it will bend over and take some of the hurt away.
Will you be able to make it water tight with steel and hose?
its goin to hurt matter wat...unless u dont got no balls
no offense, but i think the snorkel there is dumb.

run it up to the front of the bike and make it come up through the little access panel that is under your rack and right in front of the third headlight.

you have to cut a hole in the panel...if you want to move it you can buy another panel for $15.

if you leave it there you are asking for trouble, busted nuts, if you hit it it will hit your display, busted screen...

i think new ideas or cool but i don't think the snorkel will work out...

it is only about 6" above the stock intake anyway...
true. i dont want to mess with the carberator because the snorkel is too long or just mess with the hassle of buiding one that goes to the front. Call me lazy, but ive rode it for almost 100 miles now with it and really its not as bad as you think it would be.
QUOTE ("yellowbeast":3lodm2bx)
true. i dont want to mess with the carberator because the snorkel is too long or just mess with the hassle of buiding one that goes to the front. Call me lazy, but ive rode it for almost 100 miles now with it and really its not as bad as you think it would be.
I am sure it works for you, but if you do any extreme wheelin where you need to be over the bars, that snorkel will be hangin your boys, like Big_daddy said.
we all went riding today and it wasnt as bad as i thought it was goint to be. I kind of went over the pipe.I fixed all my vent lines up yesterday. If any one else does this i advise them to run some kind of hose up through the little black peice and over to which ever fender side suits them the best.
i want to see some pics of you riding that thing in some real mud...

or video...

i want to see how good it works.

and i want to see your definition of "real mud"
I dont know why you said that, but im not going riding till this weekend ill try to get some pics and a video or two.
I don't think it's that bad, I have thought about doing the same thing for the same reasons.
IMO any kind of snorkel is better than the stock snorkel, if it saves your bike in deep water thats all that matters. how about using a rubber hose like what is on raditors. its strong enough to stay up right but if you hit it i will bend so nothnig will break. a person i ride with did this so if he roled his bike it wouldnt break. you wouldnt have to make the whole snorkel out of it, just where it somes up out of the bike.
I might do that later on. My freind sunk his today and said if he had a snorkel like mine that he would have made it. He bought his a week after i got mine and thats why he hasnt cut gigantic holes in it.
It already looks like you have a gigantic hole cut in your bike
I have two of those center peices. I bought one off of ebay for like 4 dollars. PLus i didnt have to run pipe all the way to the front of the bike.
if u whould give me that snorkle i dont even think i whould run it and thats bad... i rather have on like crash. or other ppl that have them comein out of the front...
Not trying to make you mad, but i dont care what you think of the desighn of it. I was just wondering if anyone out there would make one out of muffler pipe if they had the chance to do so. Right now im leaning torwards making one out of pipe that runs to the front. Im very undecisive. The only reason why im not running one to the fronmt is because my dad wont let me mess with the carb and i like i said before im lazy.
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