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Stator problem?

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So I just replaced my battery because the quad was getting hard to start. With a fresh battery she started up instantly, like she never has before. I delighted and soon went out for a ride. After about an hour or two, my four wheel indicator started blinking, then my shifting went out, then the screen died. This has been an issue with this quad for a while. I use to think it happened when I got it wet, but since winter, it has done both times I took it out, and it didnt get wet at all. So, I figured maybe the battery was getting weak and without enough voltage, the electrical systems wouldnt work properly. Hence, the new battery. Anyway, as soon as I limped it home with the foot shifter, I broke out my voltage meter and it was showing 11 volts. So it seems that it is not recharging right? Would this have to be the stator or is there something else I could/should check first? I just dont want to spend $180 + after spending $75, to find out that it wasnt the battery or stator. By the way, I have a pair of aftermarket driving lights on the quad. I think they have a 55 watt bulb each in them. Please help, my Foreman gurus!
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I would first check the regulator/rectifier ..We've had quite a few bad ..
The stator should also be tested ..
How would a guy go about testing the regulator/rectifier and or the stator? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but it would be my first time messing with either of these things.
I'm having a similar problem and I dont claim to be an atv mechanic however I've watched someone work on one once! LOL

My 98 Forman 450 S is not charging. I have a book for a fourtrax 300 and followed it's testing procedures for the rectifier, mine tested bad so I replaced it (old one and new one get HOT when the bikes running). I also followed it's procedure for testing the stator and the resistance checks checked out but it still doesnt charge. I backprobed the connector to check for charging voltage from the alternator but only have battery voltage.

My real question is if the stator is bad, can this bike even run? How does it get voltage to fire the spark plug? I've ran my battery completly dead but it will still pull start and run like there's no problems except for the fact that I have no lights and no moniter... Hints, comments, or suggestions would be appriciated.


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i've had a similar problem with my 03' 450. It turns out what was causing it was a BAD GROUND!! my termianls where just corroded, i cleaned them and it's worked fine since. As for your driving lights, i also put 2 on at 55w each, and they work fine. the charging system has plenty of power for the lights, just dont run them while running a winch or anything that draws a lot of power.
I'm having the same problem with my 400 no charge I now know it could be the stator or regulator how should I test these.
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