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Starting Issues - battery, starter,???

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i bought this battery new last year and is already dead. no, i don't ride it that often but put a charger on it the other night and it shows as battery is good, but when i tried to start all i got was this buzzing noise coming from right next to the battery. i decided to leave the battery on the charger overnight to see what would happen because i was going duck hunting the next morning. i got up pulled the choke and bam started right up, even though the charger still read charged. then i get home clean up the Rubi and put back in garage. go out later last night and DEAD again. could i have an electrical issue or something draining this? it's really getting on my nerves buying batteries or charging them and they are fine and then a day later if i don't keep checking it everything is dead
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check your ground, black wire going to the engine or frame, if that is corroded or bad the charge is being lost that way. The battery may have a surface charge which would allow the battery charger to say it is good, however, if you load test it, ie try to start it, it is not good. New battery should only run about 60-90 dollars. I would buy one. Oh ya, things that sit for long periods, boats, tractors, atv's will end up rendering batteries unusable faster.
thanks caveman - i'll check out my ground source, and if all else fails i'll try another battery.

one more thing - i just bought this battery charger, should i just take it back or should i leave hooked up to new battery when Rubi not in use to keep battery fresh?
go out and pick up a batt tender for like 15bucks and when the quad is seatin just plug it in. i will keep the batt for ever..
don't leave it hooked up all of the time as it will overcharge the battery, this will prevent it from lasting as long. Good Luck!!!
batt tender only chargers it when it losses charge
Knew that, was referring to bigbird's comment, sorry for not being clear.
k i wasnt for sure who u was talkin to
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