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starting a new club!!

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I have to be a leader in something for school im taking a leadership class and that is what i choose. i have about 10-20 members lined up already does anyone want to join or have any suggestions? let me know
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Keep me updated on it. From Ocean Springs, so we probably ride in the same areas.
also keep me updated...i might be interested in joining....what wil be the name?
im up for it but when im pullin yall out yall gonna have to pay me some money lol jk!!

im going to set a date to have a meet and will go over a name for the club and i have about 20 or so people that want to join. once word gets out there will be more people wanting to join. hopefuly
this sunday at 1200 on canal rd by the trantracks at the

this sunday at 1200 in canal rd by the trantracks at the tire shop that is south of I10 after the shell station.
i got an idea for the name team WTD walk the dog

not enough support im not doing this any more.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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