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Starter Won't Turn Engine Over Once in a While

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I have a 2006 Rubicon and once in a while the starter will not turn over the engine. The starter engages the engine and it acts the same as an engine that is hydro locked.

When it acts up, I can not pull start because there is too much resistance on the rope. If I hit the start button and pull on the rope, it will turn over and start right up and might not happen again for days. When it does crank and start, it doesn't jump like maybe it was stuck in gear.

Most of the time it cranks over and starts right away. I checked all electrical connections and battery and so did a local dealer. The dealer had it for a week and they cranked it over several times during the week and it did not fail.

Is there a compression relief valve that could be causing my problem?

Any other ideas or tests I can do to isolate this problem?

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The next time it does this take the spark plug out and try turning the motor over. If the plug is dry it is not hydro locked. See if it turns over easy without the spark plug. If the plug is soaking wet it could be hydro locked. Maybe the float vavle in the carb is sticking open at times and letting raw fuel into the cylinder causing hydro lock.
We see quite a few like that ...When you hit the starter button everything seems to stop for a second then the starter will turn the engine .. The frame & engine grounds should be checked/cleaned if it still does it then it's probably the battery .. When it happens sometimes does the clock go back to 1:00 if so then it is the battery ..
Thanks for the replies.

I'll check the connections, hot and ground. Is there a starter relay or set of contacts for the starter? The clock does not reset when it fails to crank.

I don't think it hydrolocks, because sometimes when it fails, I can hit the start button 3 or 4 times and the starter turns the engine over and starts right up without the smell of a flooded engine. I will check the smell of the oil to make sure it doesn't have a gas smell to it.

Your ideas are appreciated.
could it be the timing is off a little? I don't know but that sounds like somthing that could cause the problem.
I think I found the problem today. The nut on the starter relay for the wire going to the starter was tight, but the wire was loose. The nut was cross threaded. I put a couple of brass washers under the lockwasher so the nut is now tightening against the wire connector before it gets to the threads that are crossed.

All other connections, engine/frame grounds and starter hot leads were tight.

Thanks for the ideas and help.
Hope you found the problem .

Sound like some kinda crap I run into in life. And it drives me crazy !!!
I did some riding this weekend and no starting problems.

A few times while cranking, it tried to kick back like a car engine when the timing advanced too much. Is there an adjustment on the timing or is it controlled electronically?

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