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starter valve

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Anyone know where I can buy a starter valve for 2000 450ES. Local shop wants 50 bucks..... wow!!!
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what is it never seen one
Starter valve sells for $45.25 CDN .. $50.00 US sounds quite high ..
I replaced mine because I over torqued the plastic cable nut and it sheared. I had to buy the whole assembly (plunger and cable nut) for about $32 plus shipping. Do you just need the plunger portion? I have my old one that I was going to throw away.
No, I also over torqued and broke the plastic. I had to bite the bullett and paid local shop price....Ouch. Still can't seem to get bike to run unless choke is applied.
Sounds like you have dirt in the carb.Take it apart and give it a real good cleaning then blow it out with air.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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