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Start in Gear

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yea I probaly missed it on here some where but i want to know how can i bypass the start in gear safety I cant seem to find any who knows how unless its a popo any help would be nice. thinks
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I was told once that the newer Foremans will start in gear if you pull the left brake lever then hit the start button. I would like to know if there is a way to start older models in gear as well.
there have been a few that have tried it on the ES models without sucess. Not sure if anyone else has come up with a solution or not. Hooking it up as they do the S model somehow interfers with the ES module given it false readings and causing electrical problems.
thanks i figured that. i love my honda but if i where to buy it new or a new one there would be no es on it. im thinking about rewireing the es i found one on ebay a guy said he rewired it with relays by pssed the cpu and no longer had missed shifts said it worked every time afther that. have you heard of this.
i see you have the reverse overide how does that work and does enterfer with tranny shifting seems like to me the tranny would want to reverse with every down shift but i done know.
my red tab is held down with a clip, all I have to do is pull back on the brake level to shift into reverse.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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