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Ok. I began working on this start in gear thing & need help. I spliced a wire into the yellow wire on the selonoid & ran it to a spring loaded toggle switch. I spliced another wire from the ignition switch( hot when keyed off) to the other part of the toggle switch. The spring loaded toggle will satrt the motor but only in neutral . Anyone have any suggestions?

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I nknow that you DO NOT splice into the hot. You attactch the wire to the frame then to the momentary switch, from the switch you go to the solinod that is next to the battery. I am not next to my bike right now to be exact but I think it is wire that is connected to the post that is most forward. i will check later to confirm. i repeat do not connec tto the hot wire you will short out the wire harness and cause more problems.

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start in gear

Step 1: Remove the seat.

Step 2: Locate the START(ER) MAGNETIC SWITCH (the starter
relay switch). This relay is located at the very left-rear
corner of the electrical compartment right behind the
battery. There are two smaller wires coming out the side, one being LgR (Light green with a Red stripe)
and one being Y/R (Yellow with a Red stripe).

Step 3: Trace along the LgR wire to whatever point you
like, but somewhere easy to get to.

Step 4: Attach a similar size wire to the LgR wire
anywhere and in any fashion you like, and then wrap the
joint with electrical tape. I suggest not cutting the
wire, but just stripping away the insulation for about
3/8", and then attaching the new wire.

Step 5: Route the new wire to your Cheater Switch.

Step 6: Connect another wire from the other connection
on the Cheater Switch to any place on the frame or engine,
making sure that it has a good electrical connection. If
using the frame, you may have to scrape off a little paint
to ensure a good electrical connection.
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