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Is there any way to do this without buying a aftermarket kit ? Any help would be great .

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yes its real easy. I have a spring loaded toggle. It only takes two wires to hook it up. One wire will need to run to the silinoid under the seat and the other can be tied into one of the hot wires coming from the key switch. the hot wire on the key switch already is run through the fuse box, so no inline fuse will be needed.
thats what i was looking for. Which side of the solinod do you connect the wire. the post connected to the battery or the opposite post?
No you will have to hook up to one of the smaller wires on the silinoid, there are only two small wire but I dont remember the color of it. just get a test light and hit you starter button to see which one is hot and splice into it.
Thanks Dirty4man .

I think this will come in hanndy at certain times .
Does anyone have any pics on this procedure?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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