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Standing up my wheeler

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I'm installing my new plow and the dealer said to stand the wheeler up on it's back rack to do this the easiest. Is this easily accomplished by one person? Any tips?
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standing it up with one person is hard im 200lbs and 6'2" and cant get it up 1 foot , two people and a 4x4 (wood )behind the rear tires and then you can . or the parking brake if it still works haha

Ok cool, that's basically what I was wondering. I'll either give the installation a try from underneath or round up a buddy to help push.
I really don't recomend this but when you are by yourself you have to improvise. I have a 20 tow strap I keep on the bike. I tied one end of the strap to a tree directly behind the bike as high up on the truck of the tree as I could reach, then hooked the other end to the front of the bike and in 1st gear slowly eased forward until it stood up on the back rack. I was never actually on the bike standing to the side working the throtle.
I use a jack with the biggest block I can find to fit. On a fresh morning, once its jacked all the way up I can stand it up by myself. I am kicking about 200lbs wet. After a good days work u can forget about it, theres no way. A winch would work wonders also if you had somewhere to anchor. But to be safe, jack it up and use two people to lift it up. Just make sure to lock the rear brakes or chock them to keep it from rolling.
I usually have the wife hook the tow rope up on the rack and pull me on her rubicon while i hold the brake then enjoy the ride up.....If you have marriage problems I wouldnt suggest this route!!!!
I'm a solid 195lbs. and I can lift mine myself but I don't suggest it to anyone it can end up on top of you if your back goes out!! The winch works great!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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