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Standard shift to electric

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Ok if i have all the parts can i change a standard shift motor to a electric shift motor? there are 2 motors on ebay one a 4x4 and ones 2wd
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If it's a Honda electric shift motor on eBay you'll also need an electric shift clutch cover ..angle sensor .. electric shift dash wire harness ..ECM ..

We've changed a couple over at work but they were trade in's ,we changed them from 4x2 manual shifts to 4x4 electric shift .. It's about a 4 hour job if you have all the parts on hand ..
no i have the electric shift motor the one on ebay is standard so if you could please let me know what i need to do. Also the motors are gonna be out of the atv's
That sounds like alot of money but it is probably possible good luck
Rubicon 3303 has a trashed ES motor, but he found a good S motor donor on eBay. How hard and is it possible to convert the new S Donor motor to an ES.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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