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Stalls sometimes?

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Sometimes when im riding my foreman will start to sputter and then stall. When I blow air into my gas cap vent tube when its starts to sputter it comes right back to life. Ive ridden on some days when i will have to do this maybe every 10 to 15 minutes and other times i can ride for two hours and not have to do it at all. Ive checked the resistance of the air through gas cap and it feels the same as the gas cap on my 350 rancher. If anyone has any knowledge or suggestions i would appreciate it.
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Is the fuel cap vent still in its stock location? The reason I ask is that the stirring stem will fill up with water and create a vacuum in the fuel tank and cause it to stop the flow of fuel and stall the bike out.
I do keep the vent in the stock location, but it will do this when im on dry land
the stem will stay full for a long time. next time you walk by the bike pull the vent tube out and see if the end of the hose is wet.
I will check that thanks
It can also siphon water from the steering tube into the tank which will end up in the carb.Drain the carb bowl also.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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