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Stalls in water

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I bought a new 04 Foreman in 05 because of the great deal i got. In water over the pegs it stalls out unless you are in the gas. I plugged the bowl drain line and sitting on hard ground it acts like it is in deep water it will not run unless gassed. I have tried rerouting the drain line to a higher position by the filler neck and it does the same thing as plugging it. If you route it above the carb it stalls. My brothers 05 will idle all day long siting in mod. deep water. my cousins 02 has been plugged since he bought it and it runs perfectly on dry land and in the water. This has been aggrivating since they can just tool around in the water and it doesn't give them trouble and i have to go through it wide open just to keep it running and if you get stuck your screwed because it will go dead if you let off the gas for a second. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Mine does the same thing, its a foreman thing i believe. Try filling your spark plug boot and extending your carb vent line! I also found out on mine that the choke assembly wasnt water tight either!
Definetely do the Dielectric grease in your spark plug boot and maybe extend some vent lines. I have an 04 fourman and even when mine was completely stock, it would never stall out unless it got almost over the seat, so you all must have a problem somewhere.
yep what they said if you get water in your carb vent line it will not go away till it gets in the carb and burns out so its gonna run like crap till its gone
you should have a one way check valve onthe bowl drain. i dont have trouble i deep water even up to the handle bars ive been up to the bottom of the gas tank doing a wheely and no prob. some times acts up duringa backwards wheelies.

there is an eletrical plug on the front of the motor(by the clutch/frnt of bike, mine got water in it and it made my bike do the same thing, fill it with diode grease. the ele plug is real low on the bike so...water hits it from the tire splash alone
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