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Stalling in water please help.

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hi, my wife has a 400 AT, she follows me around on the trails and everything is fine. i have a foreman that is snorkeled and i go through water that is over the seat, the other day we were in a flooded ditch and the water was only up over her feet and the bike died. the drain tube is plugged but it still died. it took me 30 minutes of messing with the choke and everything else to get it to start, but everytime she goes through water that is over her feet it dies. can anyone tell me something i don't know.
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This is the samething that happens to my friend but he has a Honda Rancher 350 and he also don't know why it dies out.
That's strange,water just over your feet doesn't seem deep enough to affect anything
I'm not familiar with the 400AT but I'm thinking of getting one for my wife.I'm tired of pulling out her Recon all the time
dielectric grease everything and i mean everything i have a 05 rancher 350s with snorkel and it goes through deep water (i.e. over the seat) just fine
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