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WHo has these wheels and how are the holding up??? finish?? I really want some cuz they look awsome!

Would there be much weight difference between the 112"s and my delta's
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If you are always in mud I wouldn't recommend them... They scratch like a MOFO.
QUOTE ("JRICH":icrcxh1o)
If you are always in mud I wouldn't recommend them... They scratch like a MOFO.
mud sratches rims?? mud would be the least of my worries!
after 1000kms of this / i'd hate to see what would be left of them !
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Yea I would hate to see them too.... Its the hidden objects in the mud and grit in the mud that scratches. It probably wouldnt bother most people but it agravates the crap out of me.
I may just stick with the deltas!
Check out my gallery, I have the ITP SS112's. I don't know how easily they will scratch yet. I've had them in mud and on gravel on three rides so far, and there is not a scratch on them. They seem to be pretty solid, I think they are made of polished aluminum or something...oh, and they clean up SUPER easy...mud on these wheels is like water on a ducks back, it just rolls off with a spray from the water hose.
I have them on my bike...and to date...through mud, creeks, and everyday rocks and dust from trails....I have had no problems. They still look great. Even if they do get scratched....they still look great. NO WORRIES...they are matter how many scratches they will still not rust . And they aren't that much more than regular drive it like you stole it, and replace them later if you absolutely have to. You don't worry about your motor getting mud on it...why worry about your wheels. From 10 feet can't see scratches .

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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