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SRA lift

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where can i get a lift kit over 2 inches for the foreman? i havnt seen any big lifts for the sra. Im looking for maybe a 4 to 6 inch lift. I know i can buy a lift and then springs, but im just curious if there is one out there.
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only sra lift is just a body lift. only way to get more rear GC out of an SRA is to get bigger tires...hint hint 31" outlaw
I know i wont gain any more gc, i just want the extra lift for the looks. I like my tires, maybe after my exhaust kit and my lift i might think about 31's, but thats the far far future for those tires.
you could always make one for it, its really not as hard as you think it would be. i made my own and it was verry easy, i recomend doing it, its alot cheaper.
That does sound like a good idea, and i wont have to buy the gorilla axels until i break mine lol.
QUOTE ("hick1234":1rn4jesk)
I like my tires, maybe after my exhaust kit and my lift i might think about 31's, but thats the far far future for those tires.
Good luck spinning them.
I spin the mud [email protected]#$% with no problem just stock and they measure 28".
I think that with a few more mods 3 inches wont be a problem.
My Perfex lift (not long travel kit) bolts to the top of the shocks. I think that most other brands attach to the lower shock mount. If they are avail for your bike you could probably install both kits and get the lift you are looking for. Just a thought.
The 31's are massive!!!!! 3 more inches is not the only thing to worry about, it's the weight also. If your running stock axles you will break them fairly easy.
i don't care what kind of axles you get...gorilla's or not, with all the mods we do to our bike...with 31's you WILL snap an axle.

if someone would get the 31's then all they can do is putt putt around for show and not go in some real mud.
im going to have to agree with bigfoot and cra5h, the gorillas are not going to hold up with the 31's. people are already snapping them with 29's. my gess would be that there will be even bigger axles comming out sometime soon. but you have to think 31's are massive tires for a 4wheeler, the axles are not going to be the only things that break there are plenty other weak places that will break too.
i am thinking that the diameter of the actual axle would have to increase to gain more strength to safely run 31's without breaking things.

jrich snapped an oem axle while trying to back out of a hole in reverse.
he has 29.5 outlaws.
if u ask me 29.5 are just to heavy and big.. now 31 are just extreme to extreme for a quad.. might as well just go out and buy some 44" boggers
I dont want them on my foreman but I would like to have a beater and put them on it. If I broke something so what I would have my new one to ride.
It doesn't matter. They won't fit on a foreman without a custom lift.
Why can't someone make a swingarm lift? Like the go fast bikes have or would making it longer work?
for one reason, the go fast bikes usualy have chains and is alot easier to extend. with a foreman you would have to get a longer axle and would be harder to fab up and stuff. you still wouldnt gain and gc in the back, it would just alow more lift in the front.
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