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squeeeeeeeeky brakes (chirping)1!!!!!!!!

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fellas, need some help here. my 2005 foreman brakes have started chirping and squeaking. i understand that it could be a number of things but, after taking the front two wheels off the disc's were rubbing in two spots at the same time on both sides. i have not driven in water at all! I thought the drums may have glazed over so i took sand paper and sanded them and it did not help at all. just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what the remedy was??? thanks again!!!!
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Put it in the water. Its just needs a drink. lol
first of disc brakes use rotors not drumbs..

i got the same problem and mine gets drinks of water every once in a while and it still hasnt gone away
The Foreman 500 uses disc on front and drum on the rear,he probably meant that he sanded the rear drum.
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