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when i ride at slow speeds or just stoped on it and move around on it when i turn my quad theres a squeak at right front end. i tryed puting a spray lube on the pivit points. what else can i do. has any one esle had this problem??
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Shock mounts, tie rod ends, ball joints. I use a injection needle and squirt grease inside the boots from time to time for this reason. The ball joint and tie rod ends have enough room to slide the needle under the boots without tearing or poking a hole in them. The shocks have to be unbolted and grease put around the mount holes by hand. It could also be a worn wheel bearing.
on my 04 450 es had the same problem from day one. I sprayed lithuim grease inside the boot of shock, it stopped for a while, started back and then quit all together.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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