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Re: Front end Squeaking

QUOTE ("bcsinc":2wnia9wy)
I have a Forman 450 ES with no lift kit and have noticed the squeaking since last summer. When I press down on the front end I hear the squeaking. I tried the WD40 and that didn't work. It appears to be in the ball-joints although they are sealed with no way to grease. Same issue I had with my Suburban before they recalled it to put a grease fitting in. I wonder if Honda will do the same.
The same thing was happening to me with my Foreman 450ES I dropped the A-arms, and put Anti-Seize in all the bolt holes and I also dropped the shocks and submerged them in old motor oil for 1-2 days and NO MORE SQUEAKING!!!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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