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Squeaking coming from the recon?

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I have an '01 Honda Recon, manual shift. It has a High Lifter 2" lift, 24x8 mudlights on the stock rims up front and 24x9 mudbugs on aftermarket rims on the back. Just the other day, I'm hearing a pretty loud sqeak coming from it when moving. I know its not the front bearings since they were just replace. How would I know for sure its the back? Or does the clutch make a sound if its going out?

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shake the fourwheeler and see if the swing arm moves, and if it makes the squeekin also when your riding does the fourwheeler move side to side kinda like it wabbaling. if it does its the swing arm bearing
Yes, there appears to be a little play in the rear axle. Guess its time to replace them. Are there gaskets or seals to replace as well?
yes i think there is a seal if i remember right
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