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squeak in front

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do the A-arms have rubber bushings in them? i have a terrible squeak on the front right side, and can't figure where it's coming from. Anyone have any idea's. I'm heading down to Harlan County, KY to go riding in a 1 1/2 weeks and really don't want to listen to the squeak for 4 days....about drives a guy insane.........
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Check your tie rod ends, mine was wear my squeak was. All the grease had dried up in them. The upper a-arms have a plastic type bushing in them, at least my foremanS does.

Have a good time in Harlan, we were there about a month ago! We stayed in Evarts.
thanks man, i'll try that. i just got back from my local Honda shop and he thinks it's coming from my shock, where it mounts to my upper a-arm....i will take it apart tonight and let you.......thanks for the help.......
It is the lower a-arms! I replaced all the tie rods ,ball joints and the upper a-arm bushings and installed grease fittings,thats the only thing left
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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