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Sputters in reverse

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Hey guys...ran into a problem today. My quad runs fine in Drive and low, but when i put it in reverse it'll sputter...sometimes it doesnt if im lucky. The esp d1 d2 doesn't flash either. It happened out of no where, and the brakes is all the way back i know about that already so yeah...what would u guys think would be the problem?? Can't really stand it!!:angry:
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36 views and no help? Come on guys!!
Does your rubicon have a override button? If so put it in reverse hold the over ride button in and hit the gas.
It could be the switch on the side of the shifter being a little dirty.
sounds like something i have experienced i shut it off put in neutral start again

keep fingers crossed this should reset turns out mine is the angle sensor on the left side of motor
hope this helps
rubicon doesnt have an override button.
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