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When i take my 450es into water sometimes it will want to die. Today i was going trough a ditch at my house and it was not to deep, almost to the floorboards, and when i gave it a little gas to get out i did not want to go like the water got in it somewhere, it only happened for a little bit and then it was fine. went trough a deeper hole and it did not do it, but i was not going as fast either. Is there anything that low that could cuase it to sputter? I have a brand new triangle snorkle i am going to be outting on it pretty soon, do you think that will fix it? i figurd since i was working on it i might as well put dieletric grease on every thing electrical, or will it be ok? I am new to honda's and 4 wheel drive 4 wheelers, so any light you could shed on the subject would be great! Thanks, Chris
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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