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Sputtering in water

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When i take my 450es into water sometimes it will want to die. Today i was going trough a ditch at my house and it was not to deep, almost to the floorboards, and when i gave it a little gas to get out i did not want to go like the water got in it somewhere, it only happened for a little bit and then it was fine. went trough a deeper hole and it did not do it, but i was not going as fast either. Is there anything that low that could cuase it to sputter? I have a brand new triangle snorkle i am going to be outting on it pretty soon, do you think that will fix it? i figurd since i was working on it i might as well put dieletric grease on every thing electrical, or will it be ok? I am new to honda's and 4 wheel drive 4 wheelers, so any light you could shed on the subject would be great! Thanks, Chris
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hey man, im having the exact same problem. Everyone is going to say its the carb drain but mine still does it when the drain is capped/plugged. I took the water hose to it yesterday while it was running to see if i could pinpoint where it would cut off at. Mine seems to cut out when any water gets around the choke assembly on the top of the carb. Im so frustrated with the whole thing! It sucks having a atv thats scared of a 1' puddle of water!
same here, the only time i hae got it stuck it when i stalled out in some nasty water/mud, i had to let it sit there for a second and by that time it was sunk!!!
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