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Spring Spacers

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do they sell spring spacers for the 07 foreman 500s? i'd like to get some if they do. i dont need the extra 100lbs of support the HL give you.. also i heard using HL lift and HL springs will wear out stuff like the bearings a lot quicker.
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no one sells them, you will have to build your own. I have use them in the past and made them out of sch. 80 pvc pipe. I wouldn't go over 1" tall, the foreman already rides like a tank. the will also add to the payload of your bike and keep it from bottoming out.
okay. do i need a special spring compressor tool to do this? would you put it on the bottom or top of the spring?
i want them mainly to set my bike up a little higher. right now they sag quite a bit with nothing on the bike
how do you make spacers and how do you put them on? i want to raise my bike up i was going to buy a lift kit
the spacers work better on the bottom. Its not going to give you any more lift, it will only keep you shocks extended out. a spring compressor will be needed to break it down.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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