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spring spacers

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goning to make some spring spacers soon and any tips would be appreciated can i use a regular spring compressor to do this or do i need the tool from high lifter and how big should i make them thanks
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it can be done with the regular spring tool, but the HL tool would be better, easier and safer. I would not go over 1" on the spacers. Alum. would work the best, PVC is another option and works well for spacer material.
thanks i thought i saw on another post to use schedule 80 will 40 be ok
If you use sch 40 or 80, use a coupling with a piece of pipe glued inside it and this will double the thickness giving you a wider surface for the spring to sit on. after glue has set, cut to desired lenght. either one will work fine.
post some pics when your are done. please.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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