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what do you think my brother-in-law owns a machine shop,he said he could make me some 1'' spacers to put on my shocks like on the rincon lifts. this would eliminate lift blocks etc. with only lifting it an inch so it wouldnt put the axles at such a severe angle.4 spacers at 1'' would be all you would need , oh yeah and a spring tool.

do you think this would work and be safe to run?
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Hey Vaughn...Just to let you know, When everyone else put their lifts on,it was the brackets on the bottom. This would give you lift without compressing the spring..therefore keeping the nice/same ride. When I put that G*#@%[email protected] $%*&% ##!$^& lift on the Rincon, it had thoes spring spacers. This compressed the springs enough to make it feel like I had solid steel shocks that had absoutely NO give. Crappy ride now... Real stiff because the shocks are compressed. Food for thought... Hey, I will sell.. No wait..I will give you all the spacers off of the Rincon...
Pics of the front and rear spacers...The rear Is twice the size of the front because there is no bottom bracket..just the spacer..
dang ron ididnt think about that your right. forget that , my 28s are clearing fine no rubbing so im gonna leave it where its at. thanks for saveing me some hassle.
I love my Rincon, and Love the look of a FAT TALL nice bike. Not at the expense of 2 new axles and a stiff $hitty ride. I WANT IT OFF. If someone will pay for shipping, I will send them the complete lift.... FOR FREE... No BS'ing around. I am serious... PM me....
How much for shipping to 71326 on the spring spacers?

Sent you a PM... Will be taking it off on Saturday. Will get back with you then and will check
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