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spring spacer help....

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can someone give me some info...... on how to make, how do install, and the advantages and disavatages.
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The pvc spacer are just a cheap way of given back your factory height or adding alittle lift in some cases. The only disadvantage of the spacer is it will stiffing the ride up. Which the foreman already rides like a tank.

I dont remember what size we used, measure the OD of the shock at the bottom. The pvc need to fit snug on the shock, the thicker the material the better. Remove the shock, the springs will have to be compressed using a spring tool. On the older model foremans there is a lock nut under the top shock mount. after compressing the spring, u will see the nut. vicegrips and I believe a 18mm wrench will be needed to hold the shalf to break the locknut and the top shock mount loose. the mount also has locktight on it, so it will be alittle hard to break loose. On some of the newer models, there is just a slip in clip that holds the spring in place. which makes the job easier.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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