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spring kit

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Hi everybody new guy here i want to put the high lifter spring kit in my 500 foreman does anybody have them installed with pic or has there been any problems with them thanks
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I don't have them on mine but I have seen some on others. You might have a stiffer ride but if you ride with another person on the back it will help the foreman from sagging. I think there really good though. Any thing is better then stock.
the HL springs give you about an inch more of body lift alowing to fit bigger tiers. the ride is stiff at first, but after broken in is not bad. easy to install using the spring tool.
I put mine on last weekend and went riding in WV mountian's this weekend, we rode 75 miles and I LOVE THEM!!! The bike is more predictable in the turns rides alot better. The bike has a stance like a CHAMP!!. With 27" ITP Mudlites, HL 1" lift and the HL Lift Springs I have a total of 14" of ground clerance that is measured from the lowest point of the floor boards to the ground. I had a guy bring the new Polaris 800 EFI along this weekend and the my Foreman 500 sits almost 2" higher than the 800 EFI. The only thing left that I will be doing is adding the DGL and possibly the Gorrila Front Shafts. But all in all I LOVE THE LIFT SPRINGS!

i have the springs front and back and i love em, it also gives about 100lbs. more storage on the racks.
i have pics of the under my profile[/img]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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